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Lipomize · Our Divisions
Pharmaceutical development
and Technology Transfer

Our goals in pharmaceutics are liposomal or nano-emulsions formulation development and technology transfer of the manufacturing process and quality methods of analysis of the new product. Lipomize is a CRO of R&D&Tt (Technology transfer) for liposomal dispersions and nanoemulsions.

How we do it?

Full pathway consists of four main stages:


Search and creation of Data Base

Confirmation and project execution

During this sequence, we are fully in charge for the first stages while, as the project moves forward, different tasks will be share with the client. After the Technology Transfer is complete, we assist the client through the entire registration process, getting involved, conducting new studies or generating new data that could be required by the competent regulatory authority.


Our portfolio includes products and new manufacturing technologies. We aim to assure new formulation quality, to optimize facility costs were the new technology will be applied, and we always look at to protect formulations and manufacturing process through intellectual property.

Formulations ready to tranfer

Liposomal Amphotericin B Ambisome® generic

Liposomal Pegilated Doxorrubicin Doxil/Caelyx® generic

Formulations currently in development stage

▪ PLGA Leuprolide and Risperidone microspheres
Lupron Depot® and Risperdal Consta® generics, respectively

▪ Paclitaxel in Nano-albumin
Abraxane® generic

▪ Liposomal Doxorubicin non-pegylated
Myocet® generic

▪ Liposomal Daunorubicin
Daunoxome® generic

▪ Liposomal Irinotecan
Onivyde® generic

Formulations under consideration

Liposomal Cisplatin/Oxaliplatin Supergenerics

Liposomal Paclitaxel Lipusu® generic

Liposomal Docetaxel Supergeneric

Liposomal Daunorubicin-Cytarabine Vyxeous® generic

Liposomal Ciprofloxacin Pulmaquin®/Lipoquin® similar

New Technologies Portfolio

Dr. Claudio Berli

Microfluidics, millifluidics and nano-precipitation

Liposomes, PLGA nano/microparticles and albumin nano-emulsions manufactured by micro and millifluid techniques, loaded with active pharmaceutical ingredients. Dr. Claudio Berli is our main advisor for this area; he is Principal Scientist at CONICET, specialized in theoretical analysis and modeling of microfluidics systems and devices.

Dr. Santiago Villard

Therapeutic proteins and synthetic drugs pegilation

Synthesis of Polietilenglicol with special terminators. Directed pegilation of known therapeutic proteins, synthetic or semi-synthetic small molecules, and nano-particles. Dr. Santiago Vaillard is our main advisor for this area; he is Principal Scientist at CONICET, specialized in mPEG reagents and bio-conjugation technologies.

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