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Lipomize · Dermocosmetics
Active Ingredients

Our main objective is to develop and manufacture liposomal active ingredients for the industry.

Enhanced skin permeation

In dermocosmetics, liposomes have proven to enhance skin permeation of the active ingredient, which achieve deeper skin layers than any conventional non-liposomal formulation.

Clinical trials performed for formulated products of our liposomal hyaluronic acid and liposomal ampelopsin active ingredients, and available literature described this effect.

Natural moisturizing

In addition, phospholipids are natural moisturizers and have the ability to repair damaged skin. This means that phospholipids, besides their structural function as part of the liposomal bilayer, are an active ingredient per se.  


▪ Liposomal Vitamin C 10% (SAP)

▪ Liposomal Glutathione 3%

▪ Liposomal Coenzyme Q10 5%

▪ Liposomal Niacinamide 20%

▪ Liposomal Arbutin 10% 

▪ Liposomal Gotu kola (1%) and Horse chestnut (1%)

▪ Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid 3%

▪ Liposomal Retinol 5% (Retinyl palmitate)

▪ Liposomal Glycolic acid 10%

▪ Liposomal Melatonin 2%

▪ Liposomal Uva ursi 15%

▪ Liposomal Caffeine 2%

▪ Liposomal Ampelopsin 1%

▪ Phosphatidylcholine in liposomal form 3%

▪ Liposomal DMAE 5%

▪ Liposomal Resveratrol 1%

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